DC Jack Repair

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DC Jack repairs how we repair a defective DC jack of your laptop

DC Jacks supply seamless power to electronic devices. They convert AC power to DC power to make your electronic device work on that power. Laptops use DC jacks connected to the AC adapter for a steady flow of power supply.Each laptop company offers a different adapter and different DC jack. However, most DC jacks are of a standard size.

Overtime, these DC jacks fail, making your laptop dead. Repair or replacing laptop DC Jacks is a delicate process, as it involves soldering directly to the laptop mainboard. There are usually small SMD components such as capacitors and resistors around the port. Fine and powerful soldering tools are needed to remove the solder from heavy ground connections. These are basic troubleshooting steps that we perform at XModdz while repairing laptop DC jacks.


Laptop DC Charger Port Repair


Narrow down your troubleshooting to the DC Jack

You should make sure that the reason the laptop does not turn on is because of a bad laptop DC jack. Check the wall socket and ensure that other electronic devices connected to that wall socket are working fine. Check the power led on the adapter. When you wiggle the power cord, the power led and the battery led goes on and off. You can check the voltage of the power adapter with the multimeter to make sure that the adapter is fine. After narrowing your search down to the laptop DC jack, dissemble the laptop to access the laptop DC Jack.

Then we check the laptop thoroughly to look for other damage. This way, you can easily assemble it after completing the repair process. Remove devices like the hard drive, DVD drive, memory modules and battery so that you can access the inner portion of the laptop easily. Remove the motherboard and check for the DC Jack. In most cases, there are cold solder joints on the laptop DC jack. By resoldering the cold solder joints, you can allow the joints to form a strong solid joint. In other cases, the positive pin connected to the motherboard is defective.To repair it, the recommended method is to remove the DC jack from the motherboard to clean each contact. Then, resolder it again to the motherboard. While removing the DC Jack do not apply force as you might risk damaging the copper sleeve that is located inside the DC Jack. Clean the area surrounding these contacts with IPA.

Now carefully install the motherboard back on the laptop and test for power. You may check if the laptop turns on with the battery. Then connect the power adapter and see if the laptop turns on. If the DC Jack is completely damaged, it needs to be replaced. While replacing DC Jacks, you must identify the size of the DC jack. For example Dell laptops come with a different size when compared with Toshiba notebooks. Check out the model on the internet to know which model and type you have to order. Perform above steps to dissemble the laptop and replace the DC Jack. It is a good idea to apply epoxy on the surroundings of the DC jack. Often, DC jacks often fail because of excess force when you push the adapter inside. When the jack sticks firmly to the board, chances of it getting damaged are reduced.

At XModdz, we have the expertise to repair or replace your DC Jacks as well as the proper tools we tend to use a Hakko FX 951 solder station or a JBC solder station with the appropriate low melt temp solder and Kingbo flux. Contact us to get your laptop repaired in quick and easy way.

Dc Jack Pin Sizes

Acer : 1.65mm

Dell : 2.5mm

Advent : 2.5mm

Asus : 2.5mm

Gateway : 1.65mm

HP – Compaq : 1.65mm

IBM : 2.5mm

Toshiba : 2.5mm